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Fandom: WWE
Subject: The Undertaker
Song: Famous by Skillet
Summary: Try him, and he will make you famous.

What is this?! A wrestling vid in the year 2016?!
I haven't made a wrestling vid since 2010, and even then it was a one-off spur-of-the-moment thing. I've never even put wrestling in multi-fandom vids since then! But as soon as I heard this song off Skillet's new album I knew I had to vid The Undertaker.
It is heavy in Biker Taker because - bias - and the fact that it's where the "famous" gimmick started. But as I was ripping matches off my DVDs, there were a couple others that I had to add as well.

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Fandom: Super Sentai
Subject: Female Rangers from 2000 - 2009.
Song: The Resistance by Skillet
Summary: "This is how we rise up." A look at female Rangers of the 2000s AKA the best era for women on this show.

While a couple 90s and 2010s girls snuck their way in via loophole, this is a love letter to 2000s Super Sentai. While I also love stuff from other eras, the 2000s had the best overall quality IMHO. It's also the most progressive era in terms of female characters, with the 2010s taking a bit of a step back.
So with continuous things like no Kyoryu Yellow, the ToQGer girls having to share Hyper, and Zyuoh Eagle being one of the most annoying power up hogs ever, I just want to go back to a better time. (I'm not lumping Ninninger in there because I love Ninnin and the Girls VS Boys movie was a return to form.) And now I want to just quit Zyuohger and rewatch more of these seasons.

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Fandom: Power Rangers in Space
Subject: Zhane & Andros
Song: Not Gonna Die by Skillet
Summary: "And then I heard you flatline." A short look at a man struggling with the death of his best friend, and his best friend's struggle to not stay that way.
Download: 19MB MP4

Eh, it's not as polished as it could be, but I was just sitting there staring at a full timeline for hours last night that I'd had enough and just marked it as complete.
Mostly I'd just had enough of trying to get that audio cut at the halfway point to sound decent. And I had already completely changed the chorus like, three times.

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Fandom(s): Super Sentai (Go-busters, Kyouryuuger, Akibaranger), Kamen Rider (Wizard, Gaim), Power Rangers (Megaforce)
Subject: Tokusatsu of 2013
Song: Battle Cry by Skillet
Summary: To the (Toei) superheroes of 2013. Hear their battle cry.

Yeah, there are still 21 days left in the year, but I was impatient.

I've been wanting to vid this song since Rise was released months ago. I knew it was going to accompany a toku vid, but never actually planned for it to be attached to this because it is a slower song. However, I was just like "screw it" and made it work.

Also, I'm still in denial that Go-busters is over. Hence why it's featured just as much as Kyouryuu, Wizard and Megaforce despite only airing six episodes in 2013.

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Fandom: Super Sentai (Dekaranger), Power Rangers (S.P.D.)
Subject: Ensemble
Song: You're In My Brain by Skillet
Summary: A look at Japanese versus American culture. They may have similar back-stories, and are often put into the same situations, but B-Squad and the Dekarangers are still able to keep a bit of originality for themselves.

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