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Fandom: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Subject: The Original Five
Song: Power Rangers (2017) trailer
Summary: Wait... this isn't the 1993 that I remember.
A mash-up of the 2017 Power Rangers film and the original series.

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Fandom: Power Rangers & Super Sentai
Subject: Female Friendships
Song: Girls Night Out by Britt Nicole
Summary: "There ain't no boys allowed." A look at female friendship/gender split episodes.

I just realized that this is my first actual, completed vid to a Britt Nicole song. I could have sworn that I had another one, but I have no completed Britt Nicole projects outside of custom credits and multi-song vids.
I had so much fun editing this, I couldn't stop. Literally. I went to bed super late last night and woke up fairly early because I was in a groove.

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Fandom: WWE
Subject: The Undertaker
Song: Famous by Skillet
Summary: Try him, and he will make you famous.

What is this?! A wrestling vid in the year 2016?!
I haven't made a wrestling vid since 2010, and even then it was a one-off spur-of-the-moment thing. I've never even put wrestling in multi-fandom vids since then! But as soon as I heard this song off Skillet's new album I knew I had to vid The Undertaker.
It is heavy in Biker Taker because - bias - and the fact that it's where the "famous" gimmick started. But as I was ripping matches off my DVDs, there were a couple others that I had to add as well.

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Fandom: Super Sentai
Subject: Female Rangers from 2000 - 2009.
Song: The Resistance by Skillet
Summary: "This is how we rise up." A look at female Rangers of the 2000s AKA the best era for women on this show.

While a couple 90s and 2010s girls snuck their way in via loophole, this is a love letter to 2000s Super Sentai. While I also love stuff from other eras, the 2000s had the best overall quality IMHO. It's also the most progressive era in terms of female characters, with the 2010s taking a bit of a step back.
So with continuous things like no Kyoryu Yellow, the ToQGer girls having to share Hyper, and Zyuoh Eagle being one of the most annoying power up hogs ever, I just want to go back to a better time. (I'm not lumping Ninninger in there because I love Ninnin and the Girls VS Boys movie was a return to form.) And now I want to just quit Zyuohger and rewatch more of these seasons.

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Fandom(s): Austin Powers, Battlestar Galactica (2003, Blood & Chrome), Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Bionic Woman (2007), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Angel, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Kamen Rider Drive, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin, Ninja Storm, Operation Overdrive, R.P.M., Megaforce), Spaceballs, Star Wars (Episode III & V), Super Sentai (Liveman, Ohranger, Dekaranger, Go-onger, Go-busters), Terminator (T3, TSCC), Transformers (Bayverse)
Subject: Lots of robots!
Song: Go Robot by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Summary: Once you go robot, you never go no-bot.

The Chili Peppers are my favorite band, and I fell in love with this song from their new album, so I just had to vid it.
This is the result of me at the computer pretty much non-stop for several days storyboarding, ripping DVDs and editing footage. As a result I think I included pretty much every [live action] movie and tv show that I own that includes an android/cyborg. And now I have over 3GB of assorted, uncompressed scenes in an assorted footage folder.
Also, I dare you to not want to sing/dance along. I dare you.

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Fandom: Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Sailor Moon
Subject: Various
Song: Various
Summary: Time for more tokusatsu crack!
Warning: No major spoilers for anything if you're watching out of context, but context will probably make it funnier.

I'm going to hell for at least a few of these. It all started with a simple, harmless selfie song. What is wrong with me?
Also, I'm not even finished watching the live action Sailor Moon but I had to sneak it in somehow, and I could have sworn that I had more Kamen Rider while I was editing.

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Fandom: Haven
Subject: Audrey Parker
Song: What You Don't Know by Jonatha Brooke (AKA the Dollhouse theme)
Summary: The Barn is totally a dollhouse. Don't you dare tell me otherwise.
Syfy's Haven in the style of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse credits.

There are some little Easter eggs hidden within the video. If you pause at just the right time on the zoom ins you'll notice that the names of several other of Audrey's aliases appear before stopping on Mara. So be on the lookout for A(u)DR(e)Y, LEXI(e), LUCY, SARA(h) and (Ve)RONI(ca).
Also, while the visuals are very Audrey-centric, most - but not all - of the actor credits do appear over relevant images, with Eric Balfour's credit being the most obvious.

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Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Subject: Ensemble
Song: Espionage by Green Day
Summary: Every Dekaranger episode told in 3 minutes.

I'd been wanting to do one of these for a while, and this song is just musically perfect for Deka considering it's a spy theme with a horn section. In fact, I've actually had this particular video just sitting around for a rainy day for at least a couple months now and the other day I was just like, "I'm gonna finish this."
Every single episode/movie featuring more than one unmorphed Dekaranger is featured to help fill out the timeline. So no Boukenger vs Super Sentai or 199 Heroes because I didn't have enough room.

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Fandom: Power Rangers Time Force
Subject: Alex/Jen
Song: Used to Love You by Gwen Stefani
Summary: While people naturally grow, you can't erase the feelings you once had in the past.

This vid was trying to ruin me. Alex/Jen is one of my all time favorite relationships in PR, so it was really heartbreaking to work on. But I also couldn't not make it either.

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Fandom: Power Rangers Zeo
Subject: Jason/Tanya
Song: Fallin' for You by Colbie Caillat
Summary: "Jason, I can't think of anyone more trustworthy than you to be the keeper of Auric." "I'll guard it with my life."
Tanya literally gave him her key! If that's not a metaphor for something then I don't know what is.

There is a serious lack of Jason/Tanya fanworks and I do not approve at all. Especially considering this is my OTP for all of Power Rangers as a whole. Yes, you heard me. It's not Skull/Kim, Tommy/Kat or Jason/Tommy, it's Jason/Tanya (with the occasional Emily/Jason/Tanya OT3).
I've actually had this song sitting in my queue for a while, hoping that one a bit more personal would bite instead, but I've been putting off vidding Jason/Tanya for far too long already. So the vid is pretty much just pure fluff, but I don't care because I have a Jason/Tanya vid now!

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