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Fandom(s): Power Rangers, Super Sentai & Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Subject: Females with a green alter ego.
Song: Ready Or Not (Phenomenon Remix By Soul Glow Activatur) by Britt Nicole
Summary: While some people may think that green is a boy's color, these girls will own it and prove you wrong.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Women's History Month!

Cyan is blue-green so Kyoryu Cyan totally counts. Also, I see you TOEI not making any official female Green Rangers until Lionsgate starts making announcements on the new movie. I'm onto your game.

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jenndubya: go-buster girls (SS / Yoko + Escape)
Fandom: Power Rangers & Super Sentai
Subject: Female Friendships
Song: Girls Night Out by Britt Nicole
Summary: "There ain't no boys allowed." A look at female friendship/gender split episodes.

I just realized that this is my first actual, completed vid to a Britt Nicole song. I could have sworn that I had another one, but I have no completed Britt Nicole projects outside of custom credits and multi-song vids.
I had so much fun editing this, I couldn't stop. Literally. I went to bed super late last night and woke up fairly early because I was in a groove.

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jenndubya: go-buster girls (PR / LG + LR Team)

Fandom: Power Rangers
Subject: 13 Females from completely different seasons.
Song: Welcome to the Show by Britt Nicole
Summary: Sometimes girls just do everything better. A custom opening featuring a female from every season, with no team overlapping or actor repeats.
Vidder's Note: This is not exactly a biased opinion, as each female fits into a slot of the Five Man Band. Each Zord even brings something different to the table. (Charlie calls the A-Squad's Megazord herself, so I'm counting it.) Also, take a quick look at the producer names. ;)

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