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Fandom: Power Rangers
Subject: Pink Rangers
Song: I've Got the Power by Fireflight
Summary: "Burning bright, that's what I was born to do."
A look at every Pink Ranger from Kimberly to... well, Kimberly.

Happy Pink Ranger Day!

I've been planning this for like, over a month now and am so glad to finally see this finished. (My third Pink Ranger ensemble!) Although, for some reason, at the end there it decided that it wanted to give me all the trouble rendering my YouTube copy. But after several attempts I finally got it all worked out. So ha!

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Fandom: Super Sentai (Ohranger & Dekaranger)
Subject: Momo Maruo & Koume "Umeko" Kodou
Song: Resuscitate by Fireflight
Summary: If you die in the dream, you die in real life.
Warning: While the franchise itself is family friendly, there is some rather disturbing imagery in this vid.

I just finished watching Ohranger almost two weeks ago and I highly recommend it to anyone that hasn't seen it. It's basically Maskman actually done right. During this watch, episode 32 gave me major Dekaranger flashbacks and I knew I had to make a vid comparing the two episodes. It was originally just going to be a vidlet, but I got wrapped up in the project so much that I ended up using the full song!

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Fandom: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Subject: Kelsey Winslow
Song: Lightning by Fireflight
Summary: "You were never made to fit the mold."
A short look at Kelsey Winslow, the best damn Yellow Ranger to ever grace American television.

So... I intended this to be a full-length vid, but somehow the song just got chopped when I was playing around in Sony Vegas. Why does this always happen? But I made a Kelsey vid, so I'm too excited to care about the length right now. Now to get back to my WIP Dino Charge vid and the Samurai vid that's been sitting here half finished for ages.

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Fandom: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Subject: Ensemble
Song: Stand Up by Fireflight
Summary: Judgment Day may not be here yet, but don't tell that to the Connor crew.
Vidder's Note: While most of the editing was done recently, the project itself had been collecting dust for over a year. Proving that yes, there's always a possibility for me to finish an old vid, no matter how little work is done to it.

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