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Fandom: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Subject: Kimberly Hart
Song: Losing Sleep by Charlotte Sometimes
Summary: "I've been trying to be anything other than me."
A short look at Kimberly's departure arc.

You didn't think that I was going to celebrate Pink Ranger Day without a vid for the original Pink Ranger, and primary reason I celebrate on this day, did you?

Also, YAY I finally made a vid with this song after it being in my queue for literally years. Although, it's only a vidlet because I was planning on a Kat vidlet as a companion, but I never got around to that one.

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Fandom: Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin - Turbo)
Subject: Jason/Tommy (Tommy/Kim & Tommy/Kat)
Song: You Ain't Woman Enough by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Summary: Watch out girls! Tommy belongs to Jason.

Since I've mostly just been starting stuff without finishing them so far this year, I took a peek at all of my unfinished projects, noticing that this was close to completion. (And a year old!) And, since there can never be enough Jason/Tommy vids, I slapped the last few seconds into the timeline and called it done.

He took a second look at you, but he's in love with me... )
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Fandom: Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin, Time Force, SPD, Mystic Force)
Subject: Kimberly, Lucas, Sydney, Xander
Song: Vanity by Christina Aguilera
Summary: Even people who wear a mask for a living can be overly obsessed with their appearance.

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