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Fandom: Power Rangers
Subject: Various Relationships
Song: I Am in Love with You by Imogen Heap
Summary: Sometimes the best love stories are never told.
A look at relationships that were planned/dropped, couples that never got conclusions, and love that sat in the depths of subtext hell.

Look! My first multi-season Power Rangers vid (of just Power Rangers, no other toku) since 2014! And my first multi-ship vid since like, 2012!

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Fandom: Power Rangers
Subject: Various
Song: Me the Machine by Imogen Heap
Summary: Technology runs the world. The robots, androids, cyborgs, holograms, and whatever else of Power Rangers.

Every single season is included, barring Mystic Force and Jungle Fury. Because what the heck am I really going to include from those seasons? Even the Megazords aren't even technically robots.

I was scared that this wasn't going to get done for a while there. I started editing this a month ago, and thought I had storyboarded the majority of the vid. However, it ended up being significantly less than half, and most of it needed to be fixed. Then Super Megaforce spoilers came out, and I saw that Sportsbra Squad got left in, so I did not want to look at anything Megaforce related for like, two weeks. That set me back once more.
But all that was worth it because I am happy with how it turned out.

I almost made a re-cut of the song, inserting the instrumental over various lyrics like I did with "Bad Body Double", but decided against it after I felt that I could do the song justice without removing anything.

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Fandoms: Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Dollhouse (audio)
Subject: Various Females
Song: Little Bird by Imogen Heap, with dialog instead of lyrics.
Summary: "It's okay to get rescued by someone else if you're young, or small, or... you just can't do it yourself."
There seems to be a misconception that females in media can only be either strong warriors, or become a distressed damsel. But we are so much more than that.

From the very first time I heard that quote, I knew I had to do something with it. I just didn't know what. Anyone can go out there and be a hero, but it takes true courage to ask for help.

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Fandom: Power Rangers (Ninja Storm - R.P.M.), Legend of the Seeker
Subject: Ensemble
Song: Bad Body Double by Imogen Heap (with the instrumental mixed in)
Summary: No, you're not seeing double. (Well actually, yes, you are.) A look at Disney reusing the actors from Power Rangers for Legend of the Seeker.
Warning: LotS spoilers up through 2x10. The PR side is pretty much spoiler-free (but not entirely).
Vidder's Note: Yes, I did include location as an "actor." I'm amazed that I was able to use a Sister of the Dark, THREE Mord'Sith and SIX Rangers.

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