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Fandom(s): Kamen Rider (OOO, Wizard, Gaim, Ex-Aid), Power Rangers (Time Force, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force, R.P.M., Samurai, Dino Charge, Ninja Steel, 2017 Movie), Super Sentai (Megaranger, Gingaman, Timeranger, Dekaranger, Kyōryūger, Ninninger, Zyuohger, Kyuranger), Dino Force Brave, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Subject: Various
Song: Various
Summary: Your friendly neighborhood dealer is back with more toku crack!
AKA Attack of the Kamen Riders because they only had 3 parts in the last one and overtook the majority in this one!
Warning: Minor spoilers for a couple shows, but the only one that is really spoiler-ish out of context is Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

I'm currently watching Kamen Rider OOO (8 episodes left), so that is really prominent in my brain and I was constantly jotting down things to add as I was watching the show. And I also re-watched the Wizard net movies recently because they are such a gold mine for comedy.

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Fandom(s): Power Rangers, Super Sentai & Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Subject: Females with a green alter ego.
Song: Ready Or Not (Phenomenon Remix By Soul Glow Activatur) by Britt Nicole
Summary: While some people may think that green is a boy's color, these girls will own it and prove you wrong.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Women's History Month!

Cyan is blue-green so Kyoryu Cyan totally counts. Also, I see you TOEI not making any official female Green Rangers until Lionsgate starts making announcements on the new movie. I'm onto your game.

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Fandom: Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Sailor Moon
Subject: Various
Song: Various
Summary: Time for more tokusatsu crack!
Warning: No major spoilers for anything if you're watching out of context, but context will probably make it funnier.

I'm going to hell for at least a few of these. It all started with a simple, harmless selfie song. What is wrong with me?
Also, I'm not even finished watching the live action Sailor Moon but I had to sneak it in somehow, and I could have sworn that I had more Kamen Rider while I was editing.

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