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Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Subject: Ensemble
Song: Espionage by Green Day
Summary: Every Dekaranger episode told in 3 minutes.

I'd been wanting to do one of these for a while, and this song is just musically perfect for Deka considering it's a spy theme with a horn section. In fact, I've actually had this particular video just sitting around for a rainy day for at least a couple months now and the other day I was just like, "I'm gonna finish this."
Every single episode/movie featuring more than one unmorphed Dekaranger is featured to help fill out the timeline. So no Boukenger vs Super Sentai or 199 Heroes because I didn't have enough room.

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Fandom(s): Super Sentai (ToQGer, Ninninger +Deka 10 Years After), Kamen Rider (Drive, Ghost +Gaim Gaiden 1&2), Power Rangers (Dino Charge)
Subject: Tokusatsu of 2015
Song: Five Crooked Lines by Finger Eleven
Summary: "Five crooked lines meet at five different times..." A look at five tokus to air this year.
Warning: Spoilers for pretty much everything except maybe the V-Cinemas.

The year cannot end without my yearly retrospective. I almost didn't do one this year, but I decided on this song months ago and felt like I'd be disappointed with myself if I didn't do it. Although, it is edited a bit differently than 2013 and 2014's videos as each season is pretty much isolated from the next.

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Fandom: Super Sentai (Dekaranger), Power Rangers (S.P.D.)
Subject: Ensemble
Song: You're In My Brain by Skillet
Summary: A look at Japanese versus American culture. They may have similar back-stories, and are often put into the same situations, but B-Squad and the Dekarangers are still able to keep a bit of originality for themselves.

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