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- Hercules [Power Rangers; Katherine]

- Fallin' for You [PR Zeo; Jason/Tanya]
- Used to Love You [PRTF; Alex/Jen]

- Espionage [Dekaranger]

- The Barn [Haven; Dollhouse-style]

- Crackusatsu [Multi-Toku]

- Go Robot [Multi-Fandom]

- The Resistance [Super Sentai; 2000s Females]

- Famous [WWE; The Undertaker]
- Girls Night Out [Power Rangers/Super Sentai]

- Together We Are More [MMPR; PR2017-style]
- Shut Up and Drive [Dark Angel; Max]

My favorite video this year:
Why must you make me pick?! I love every single vid this year so much. I might have to go with either The Resistance or Girls Night Out because holy crap they are so good! Although, Used to Love You did make me cry while making it. I only remember that happening one other time and that was almost 10 years ago!

My least favorite video this year:
This question is even harder! I might have to go with The Barn just because it's so short. Even though, Espionage and Together We Are More may not be perfect, there are still moments that bring me extreme joy.

Most successful video:
Ironically, The Barn is actually my most kudosed vid. However, I might have to give this honor to Crackusatsu considering it is my first "crack vid" that I love to rewatch and did not immediately brush aside. The previous Channel Surfing and Channel Surfing: Redux were just vids that I didn't really find that humorous after finally finishing them. Whereas Crackusatsu was made back in June and I'll still regularly watch it.

Video most underappreciated:
Would it be cheating if I said all of them? Hercules because representation matters for more than just race; Fallin' For You because that ship is way too underrated; Used to Love You for the same reasons (and it's a canon ship!); Espionage because I finally made a "every episode in x minutes" vid after several years of trying; The Barn because my mash-ups are always kind of under the radar; Crackusatsu for basically the reasons stated in the above question; Go Robot for all of the fandoms, some of which you don't really see much in fanvids, and just the fun song; The Resistance for how important the girls of the 2000s really are; Famous because it's my first wrestling vid in six years; Girls Night Out because female friendships are important; Together We Are More to show how silly the new movie looks and how offensive it is that the person Rita threatens to kill is TRINI; and Shut Up and Drive just because it's my all-time favorite show.

Most fun to make:
I think it might actually be Go Robot. Not that I didn't have a lot of fun on the others, but I literally could not stop dancing in my chair and singing along the entire time I was editing. Also, for a vid that required a bunch of DVD ripping, the entire process went by entirely too fast.

Video with the single sexiest/most bad ass moment:
Regarding the first part, Go Robot for the "sex scene" from The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I also love the "she cried so hard, you know she looked like Alice Cooper" part as well with Medic doing a jump into her Roidmude form. However, The Resistance is super bad ass. Just starting off you've got a bunch of "I'm gonna kick your ass" faces and then a montage of giant/dual wielded guns. Although, I absolutely adore the section that starts off with Time Pink and a gun to her back and ends with Magi Pink shielding Vancuria. However, honorable mentions go to Girls Night Out for being so gay and having that combo attack montage at the end. And of course the bleeding eyes bit from Shut Up and Drive.
Fuck it, though. The real winner is Famous for The Undertaker chokeslamming Rikishi off the Hell in a Cell.

Biggest vid fail:
I honestly can't think of any actual "fails" from my completed vids. The only things that come to mind are stuff that I just didn't finish. Like TWO Dark Angel vids, a Dino Charge vid, and Toku 2016 which I never even started. (Spoiler: Toku 2016 would have been my third vid to a song off Skillet's Unleashed album had I gotten the inspiration.)
The only thing that I can think of for completed stuff is the fact that the coloring on Shut Up and Drive looks like crap on my TV. Which is weird because I used that same exact combo on other vids and they looked fine on DVD.

Hardest video to make:
It depends on the situation. The DVD ripping for Famous was one of the most tedious because WWE DVDs just put everything in one large VOB file so several matches were split between two parts of the VOB file instead of giving each match it's own VOB like TV shows do for episodes.
The Barn was also frustrating because I had already done a Dollhouse mash-up, so I kept thinking "how did I do this in the other vid" rather than just letting this vid do its own thing.

Most unintentionally telling video:
Together We Are More made me offended by the 2017 Power Rangers movie. I didn't really think about it before, but editing it using the old cast made me realize that Rita only attacks and threatens to kill one Ranger. The one whose original actress is actually dead. Now you could just say "she's gonna attack everyone in the movie" but out of all of the promotion so far the only person we've seen her attack is Trini and she straight up uses the word kill! You could say I'm being irrational, but that part of my mash-up is kinda uncomfortable for the reasons that I mentioned.

The things I've learned this year:
- Literally every single Jason episode of Zeo has Jason/Tanya undertones as that vid was way too easy to put together with absolutely no need to manipulate footage.
- Dekaranger is the best and super memorable.
- 2000s sentai is the best sentai.
- Power Rangers seriously needs more female friendship episodes between Lightspeed Rescue and Operation Overdrive.
- Also: see the above question.

In 2016:
- I kept my vid average the same again, even though it didn't look like it for a while.
- "Finish my other Dark Angel vid that I started this year." Nope.
- "Finish my Dino Charge video." Nope.
- "Actually remember that I have an MMPR project sitting there waiting to be worked on." Sadly, I forgot all about this.
- "Make at least one more Haven video after I get over that series finale from the other week." I can technically check this off because of The Barn. That's still 2/5 though. Ouch.

In 2017:
- Keep my one vid a month average, because it is a nice average. Although, I would kinda like to make at least a baker's dozen this time.
- Keep my "one Dark Angel vid a year" thing going. Because it is my all-time favorite show. But also don't restrict myself to just one vid a year.
- Try to pump myself up for a Toku 2017. But if it doesn't come, don't force it like Five Crooked Lines from 2015.
- Make some more multi-season Super Sentai vids because boy were this year's vids fun.


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