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Fandom: Haven
Subject: Audrey Parker
Song: What You Don't Know by Jonatha Brooke (AKA the Dollhouse theme)
Summary: The Barn is totally a dollhouse. Don't you dare tell me otherwise.
Syfy's Haven in the style of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse credits.

There are some little Easter eggs hidden within the video. If you pause at just the right time on the zoom ins you'll notice that the names of several other of Audrey's aliases appear before stopping on Mara. So be on the lookout for A(u)DR(e)Y, LEXI(e), LUCY, SARA(h) and (Ve)RONI(ca).
Also, while the visuals are very Audrey-centric, most - but not all - of the actor credits do appear over relevant images, with Eric Balfour's credit being the most obvious.

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Fandom: Haven
Subject: Audrey Parker
Song: Same Damn Life by Seether
Summary: "Now I'm reliving my whole damn life, and it's a shame that I can't remember."
Warning: Spoilers for all four seasons that have currently aired, plus a minor audio clip from the season five trailer.

So I bought Seether's new album recently and HOLY CRAP! Before this song was even over I knew I was making this video. When I hear that chorus I just can't think of anything but Audrey.

I was originally going to sit on it for a bit, while I worked out the kinks, but since season five premieres in less than a month I wanted it done ASAP.

And now I'm living the same damn lie, and it's a shame, but nothing's forever... )


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